Website Auditor:

Feature highlights

Analyze your website's structure
WebSite Auditor spreads before your eyes the whole picture of your website's architecture. This way you can analyze and optimize your site as a system, so that it works like a dream, and then focus on each page taken separately.
Check each page for dozens of SEO and tech related factors
In a single mouse click, you can analyze your pages for dozens of crucial factors that deal with your website's structure, optimization, and HTML-coding: HTTP status codes, Broken links, HTML code errors, Page size, HTML code size, Titles, Meta descriptions, and a lot more.
Optimize the content of separate pages
With WebSite Auditor's content optimization module, you can supply search-engine-friendly content for each of your website's pages, whatever topics they cover. Moreover, to get even more traffic, you can optimize different pages for different keywords, covering as many keyword niches as you wish.
Create onpage optimization reports
WebSite Auditor analyzes your website rocket-fast and then conveniently fits all results into a website audit or content optimization report that's easy to understand even for a non-professional optimizer.