SEO SpyGlass:

Feature highlights

Discover all backlinks the site has
Check the exact backlinks your site has — or spy on your competitor's backlinks with SEO SpyGlass. In a matter of minutes, this smart tool will calculate the total number of backlinks the site has and show the exact URL of each and every backlink.
Import and analyze links from external sources
SEO SpyGlass currently supports 164 international and local search engines so you can get backlink data and analyze your competition using the engine that matters most to you (or all of them!).
Run complete Anti-Penalty link audit
Whether harmful links result from your wrong link building moves or your competitors' negative SEO, SEO SpyGlass lets you instantly detect and neutralize them! SEO SpyGlass will point out all the links you need to remove immediately to prevent penalty, you need to investigate closer and make sure they won't do any harm.
Create backlink profile reports
Branded with your company logo and automatically deliver them to your SEO clients. SEO SpyGlass lets you hand-pick the data to be included into the reports, so that you can give your clients only the data they need.